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Beginning out with a group of high school students around the bay area we've decided to create model aircraft in hopes of giving those who join us an insight into what engineering is like. 

The program allows students of all ages and ethnicities to design, build, and test various aircraft components with having a chance to see their fully designed and built aircraft fly at the end of the challenge. 

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Our Current Design Challenge

Challenge #1: Process Time 4/1/2021 - 10/1/2021

The plane Should be long enough to hold 4 "cargo pods" 3-3-3 inch blocks that weigh 100 grams each and a battery for the motors. Takeoff within 20 feet and land in 10 feet with a 20-foot obstacle to clear. Must be able to sustain flight without thrust for 20 minutes at a height of 500 feet.  The plane must be made out of PLA 3D plastic shrink wrap will have control servos as well.  Can not weigh more than 10 lbs.

MAX Project Budget is 200 dollars (will need to do some fundraising on our own)

Objective learn the in and outs of designing a plane from scratch

Brandon Cheung / MAE Admin / Challenge Idea



Engineering Teams

Fixed-Wing Glider




This Team Works On the wings mainly, learning about lift and how the airfoil works.

Current Team Leader: Brandon C.

Current Number of Students On This Team: 4

Private Aircraft




This Team Works On the fuselage mainly, learning about weight and center of gravity.

Current Team Leader: Ethan P.

Current Number of Students On This Team: 2

Helicopter Cockpit




This team works on the electrical and controls of the aircraft, learning about electronics and sensors.

Current Team Leader: Richard P.

Current Number of Students On This Team: 3


During this stage students will work together to come up with innovative ideas


In this stage we take our concepts and make them into CAD designs we can use to 3D print


In this stage we take our designs and put them together to assemble our finished product


In this stage we will take our aircraft to a testing field to test our aircaft and make adjustments as needed

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Fourth of July Airplanes

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