Obed H. My Other Fellow Airport Buddy

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Similar to Jayden we didn't meet in the San Carlos Airport but rather on the Flight Simulator flying on Vatsim except we didn't really talk on that same day but more on the second day when we flew to Reno on the sim. After meeting him at the EAA event it has been a pretty good friendship being able to go on Fog trips and just hanging out in general.

although I don't see Obed on the field much what I can say is that trading planes in the sim and being on the Vatsim ATC training program makes it a whole new world when we talk to each other. For the two of us, the Flight Sim allows us to plan and fly to different areas together. Although he doesn't like flying GA planes as much we still find a way to compromise by flying the B737-800 with the Zibo Mod installed on it. With this airplane, we've flown to various airports around the USA and have even taken it to a shared cockpit working as pilot and copilot, and to this day I and Obed have been good friends and I hope to fly and hang out with him at the airport more.

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