My Very First Solo Flight!!!! What a Blast!!!

To many of you this isn't anything new but for new pilots like me it is a huge achievement and one step closer to the Private Pilot License. Even to this day about three days after i’ve flown my first solo flight I still can’t believe that I flew a plane by myself! Although the airplane felt alot lighter than usual, it felt like it wasnt anything new or special. Solo isn‘t just a signature in the book, for the San Carlos Flight Center they make sure that their students are super safe. SCFC ensures this by having all their student pilots go through a Pre Solo Phase Check which is something I have done and will explain later in this article.

When you think of First Solo Flight you usually think of a one day pass, but in reality theres a whole process that i’ve went through just to do three patterns at my home airport by myself. For the flight school I go to they have a set standard on different topics to go over on each class with it’s respective homework and classwork for that class. Some of the topics might be on one day you go out and fly basic maneuvers over the coastline or learn how to deal with and engine failure in flight, in the traffic pattern, and right after takeoff.once that was done then you would have to go and study the ground portion of aviation. Working up to last Saturday on July 25th, 2020 the day I soloed ive been working relentlesly studying the ground portion reading the FAR AIM 2020 version or trying to earn more money to be able to pay for my flight training. So much study and flight time has led me to solo with 42 hours in my log book.

One of the most important strategies to getting to solo flight as fast as possible is to set a date and time your solo flight has to happen unless its due to weather in which will make you cancel the flight. When you set your dates you want to make sure that you space the solo flight at the 50% mark on your student license. this a part of how you can get to your solo flight faster.

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