Jayden C. My Fellow Airport Buddy

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

One of the closest aviation friends I've ever met with a friendly attitude towards others. I first met him not at the airport but in the flight simulator over Vatsim a Virtual flying network. After flying in the San Carlos Pattern for a while I saw two planes on the ground which was unusual because no one ever flies out of San Carlos on a regular day in Vatsim. Upon landing, I received a text from them ask if I was from the San Carlos Airport. So I replied with "yes". and that was that the first day over a text. The second day while I was lining up for takeoff at the San Jose Airport I saw the airplanes at the San Carlos Airport again! so I typed "you the guy from last night?" a reply "yes" so then I asked for their Discord. *Take notes guys this is the way to slide into someones DM in aviation* After that day I was so happy to finally have some aviation friends that flew at the same Airport as I did and was around the same age as me.

Later that day we flew from San Carlos to Reno International Jayden flew his Mooney while Obed flew the Cessna 182 and I flew the Pilatus PC12 in the sim. So we talked and talked and eventually they told me their Instagram and a lot about how to become an EAA Volunteer as a part of the ground crew. After landing at Reno we said our goodnights and took off to bed.

On a Saturday that they told me to go to the EAA rally, so I went and it was a very gloomy day so they couldn't do EAA flights instead they opted to look at the Cessna 206 that was on the field and the one that belonged to the San Mateo County Sherrif; a truly amazing plane that I was too shy to take a look at. That event was where I met 75% of my friends to this date. The next step after the aircraft flight was to sign up for the EAA Young Eagles volunteer program which I did without a second thought. at the next event Jayden was training me to marshal in planes.

Ever since we've been good friends always hanging out at the airport whenever we could and having lunch at the airport's few restaurants. I can't thank him enough for helping me meet new people at the airport such as the people at the aircraft build or other kids that also love aviation. We've hung out at the airport so many times that we've begun to call ourselves the Future Airport Bums even making like 50+ chats with me, Obed, and Jayden in it, but other than that Jayden is a really loyal friend and someone you can turn to when you want to talk about aviation.

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