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Hi I'm Brandon Cheung AKA @just_a_student_pilot on Instagram and Facebook with a YouTube channel called HotStart214. I started admiring planes as a 5 year old child and only started flight training at the age of 15, right now I am 16 and turning 17 soon. As a student pilot at the @sancarlosflightcenter based at the San Carlos Airport in California, I take pride in flying the Cessna 172, 152, and the Piper PA28. Besides flying I have my good friends at the airport whom I love to hangout with and fly with to places I've never been such as FOG flights. Now with this being said I hope to bring you what aviation stories, tips, tricks, debates, and mistakes with our followers on this channel. I also volunteer as a young eagles ground crew with Chapter 20, and I'll try to make friends with anyone at the airport. So spread the word and let's FLY!

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