Brandan D. A Cool Pilot

Meeting Brandan at the San Carlos Flight Center one day gave me the impression that he was older than me with the amount of professionalism in how he talked and worked gave me an intimidating feeling, but as we talked I got to learn a little bit more about who he was. apparently he was about a year younger than me and accomplished so much more than I did. with the amount of confidence he has I'd bet he could do anything easily. Brandan was even kind enough to show me the steps on how to become a part of the Vatsim ATC side of it where I then proceed to get Obed and Jayden into. seeing him solo at the age of 16 right on his Birthday was inspiring to me and has given me the goal to finish my PPL by my 17th Birthday in October. Other than that Brandan has helped me get more involved with the Vatsim ATC team and has given me a sense of confidence to push for my Private Pilots License. I do hope to get closer to him as a friend so we could create a San Carlos Airport Bums group with all my friends and to update this with more to talk about.

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