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My name is Heidi Nam. I am a 23 year old private pilot. I graduated from UCLA with a bachelors degree in sociology. I want to become an airline pilot, and my ultimate goal is to become a Boeing 777 pilot. My passion for aviation started when I was in the 8th grade. My class went on a Washington DC trip and that was my first time on a triple 7. I was amazed how such a large piece of machinery can fly and float so graciously in the air. In college I was thinking about other career paths such as becoming a pharmacist, but I knew that wasn’t for me. My heart was with aviation. After graduating I got a job at sfo as a customer service agent for Korean air. I also immediately started flight training August of 2019 and I graduated in June of 2019. Six months later I got a job with United Airlines as a ramp service employee. I would love to return to United as a pilot one day. After my discovery flight I knew becoming a pilot was for me. A year and a month later I’m now a private pilot whose working towards my instrument rating. I also want to start an aviation based YouTube channel and also focus on motivating other female pilots!

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