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About The Pilots

Welcome to the Definite Pilot Deviation website page. Our channel's purpose is to invite anyone and everyone that is interested in aviation to come to join the tightly nit community of pilots and student pilots. Although flying might be an expensive career choice it is most definitely a very rewarding job.

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Our channel is currently managed entirely by the four talkers above Brandon, Mo, Obed, Carter, and Jayden. We always try to invite others to come to talk to us and ask us questions. On other days when we are talking to each other, we love to talk about current aviation struggles as well as tips and tricks for anyone seeking to start their pilot adventure.

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What makes us different from others is that we are pilots and will always continue to learn as pilots even with our licenses. As good pilots we continue to learn no matter how good we may think we are. We also love sharing our fabulous pilot stories with the public.

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