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Hello, my name is Brandon and I am the creator and pilot behind the Always A Student Pilot Instagram account. Let me take you on a fantastic journey as I explain how I became a pilot of the Bay Area. Ever since I was young I loved planes and was practically obsessed with them and still is to this day. I took my first flight when I was 2 years old, the flight was a United Airlines Boeing 737 to Dallas, Texas to visit my cousins. Sadly I don't remember that flight but my parents tell me that I was small enough to sit in their lap the entire flight there. The first flight I do remember taking however was a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 to Hong Kong. This might have been the most exciting of them because it was my first time sitting in the window seat and being able to experience the cockpit of one of my favorite planes. Although I was still a small kid I had already become an AvGeek and a flight review specialist, Starting with the seat I examined every function of it pushing all the buttons and playing all the games they had to offer. Many people would say airline food is disgusting but actually, I think that airline food is some of the best-tasting food there is in the entire world but some meals are just better than others just depends on what type of airline it is. Eventually, as I grew up we started to take more flights to Hong Kong to visit family and eventually switching from Cathay Pacific to Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines, being the number 1 airline, has some of the best cabin staff and pilots and every time we fly with them I get a window seat behind the wing in the tail section of the aircraft as I love seeing the airplane itself and not having to look back at a spinning engine while eating fantastic airline food. Up to this day, I've flown many commercial flights across the Pacific Ocean in a Boeing 777 and hoping that one day I would be able to ride in the all-mighty Boeing 747-400. Sadly I might never get the chance to fly in them as most are being put out of service. Even after all those flights I still always have a sense of joy and excitement when flying to different places in the world. As an aviation geek, my parents enrolled me in the aviation summer camp program at the Hiler Aviation Museum, based at the San Carlos Airport. The first camp I took there I was hooked I kept going back week after week  Enough of the past, let's move to the current era. 

As of today, I am 17 years old and loves anything and everything that involves aviation or has the word aviation in it. I've been training at the San Carlos Flight Center (SCFC) as a student pilot and is also based at the San Carlos airport next to the Control Tower since April of 2019. Being able to take a demo flight with one of the flight instructors was one of the best feelings ever. Being able to experience my first stall doing some familiar banks and maneuvers was just all in all a great experience. After taking a few lessons I opened up my Instagram account Just A Student Pilot to the public to document my whole journey as a student pilot. Now that I've passed my Private Pilot Checkride I changed my Instagram User to Always A Student Pilot as the Private Pilots License was a license to learn. I also created Hot Start 214 to document my flights from the airplane while I fly. I made this blog for you and everyone who is interested in Aviation so please spread the word about this blog that contains weekly aircraft spotting, my adventures while flying, flight sim updates, a learning center, and other aviation-related content.

Welcome to the family and I hope you enjoy your time here. 

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My Student Pilot TimeLine

First Demo Flight - Oct. 13 2013

Second Demo Flight - Oct. 6 2018

Third Demo Flight - Aug. 21 2019

First Taxi - Sept. 21 2019

First Unassisted takeoff

- Oct. 19 2019

First Unassisted Landing

- Dec. 28 2019

First 23kt X-wind Landing

- Feb. 22 2020

Last Flight Before Covid-19

- Mar. 12 2020

First Flight Back From Covid-19

- June. 13 2020

Pre Solo Practice

- June 20 - July 24 2020

Pre Solo Phase Check

- July 24 2020

First Solo!!!

July 25, 2020 - BYF19 N458SP (San Carlos Flight Center)

Second Solo - August 1, 2020

Third Solo - August 6, 2020

First Day X-country Flight - August 6, 2020

First Day Long X-country Flight - August 30, 2020

Short & Soft Field T/O and Landings  

- September 19 - 24, 2020

First Day X-country Solo - October 9, 2020

First Day Long X-country Solo - October 10, 2020

Solo Time Complete

- October 16, 2020

Instrument Time Complete -

October 17, 2020

Checkride Prep Starts 

- November 11, 2020

Checkride Prep Ends 

- January 19, 2021

I'm A Certified Pilot!!!

January 19, 2021 - BYF17 N236SP (San Carlos Flight Center)

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